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Rules & Information

This is a Alcohol and Substance Free Event

Along All Trails

Anyone displaying alcoholic beverages or substance 

use publicly will be asked to leave




Everyone participating in this ride is responsible for making sure

that they pick up and dispose of all garbage and ensure that 

every site we visit is left pristine


Personal Responsibilities

Everyone Participating In This Ride

~ Is responsible for their conduct,

any inappropriate behaviour will be addressed and if

necessary you will be asked to leave

~ You are solely responsible for the conduct and behaviour

of your children at all times

~ You are responsible for your horses care and behaviour at all times

~ Please ensure that ALL pets are leashed and or contained

and any waste is picked up and disposed of, if your pet causes

issues at any time it will be addressed promptly.....if any site that we

visit has a No Pet rule that will have to be adhered to, it will be your

responsibility to inform yourself regarding policies at sites

Horse Liability Insurance Available


Manitoba Horse Council

Membership comes with a personal liability insurance

This is a recommendation only, all liabilities are at your own risk

if you chose to ride along as this ride is a charity event

All Ride Participants Can Complete Their Registrations

And Waiver Forms On Arrival At Sophies, Forms Will

Be Available To Those Joining Along The Trail


Please above all be responsible and respectful

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