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Private Donation

Kerry & Gail MacDonald

Have graciously donated 30 bales of horse hay towards our ride,

we are so grateful for

their generosity and support

Private Donation

Dan Guetre of Richer MB

Has been invaluable in providing all the promotional work from logo creation to poster work and printing as well as much needed direction....thank you so very much Dan, we'd be lost without you

Private Donation

Don & Melanie Morin

Have generously donated the use of their water truck to use along the trail to supply our horses.....can't thank you enough for your kindness

Private Donation

J & J Jerome

Took the time, effort and expense

to order the Ukrainian/Canadian

Lapel Pins seen on the site and

gifted them to be able to sell on

this ride...


They are also responsible for the

magnificent painting prints that will be made available for the silent auction...


we are so grateful for there

generosity & never ending support

Love from

Oakie Oakie's to The SCBB

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