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The Red River Metis

Ride of Hope


Support of the Ukrainian Orphans and Their Communities

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Final Entry

Well  folks this is it .... only 4 days away from the start of the

Red River Metis Ride of Hope !!!

The planning is completed so we need to get the rigs packed,

horses prepped, load up the Red River Carts, grab the bonfire pit

and pack for 2 weeks on the trail so this will be the last time

updating this website ... we're so very grateful for the

tremendous support and are excited too see everyone along the ride

" Happy Trails To You Until We Meet Again"

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How It All Began

It all started with a 19 year old young man in Ukraine who in the middle

of an unjust war dedicates much of his time to the children left orphaned, displaced, scared and traumatized not knowing what will happen to them and if they'll ever see their families or homes again...this kind young man's name is Alex

We became aware of this plight through Mike & Vi's Ukrainian guest as they told us of the very real pain and suffering this war has brought to their beloved country and it's people, it's unbelievably hard to listen to these first hand accounts and fight back the inevitable tears

and heartbreak especially when you know the children are suffering,

the gut wrenching stories we've all been made aware of now regarding Ukrainian children being kidnapped and the tremendous efforts to reunite them with their families

makes it all the more vile

How could we possibly sit back and do nothing.....this ride is how we help

My name is Kelly Jerome and I'm of Ukrainian heritage ,

my husband Armand Jerome is Metis

Back in 2020 we were to complete a month long trail ride from Hadashville MB ending at Upper Fort Garry to celebrate Manitoba's 150th....that ride was abruptly halted by the pandemic, we have now revised the ride to reflect the fundraising we have undertaken to raise funds for the Ukrainian Orphans and the communities that protect them

What Better Cause to Proceed With

 Donate  at  GoFundMe  Page Link

We're Deeply Grateful



think of your children and how safe they are in your arms and hearts....then remember the orphans in the Ukraine


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